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Fast and Secure Financial Data Transfer and Storage Module 


How do you store your financial data?

So how do you share with banks when needed? 

You keep your financial data, such as eLedger, eInvoice, on your consultant's or company's computer, or you receive paid archive services.

When you need to share it with banks, you send it via e-mail.

The HUB-Archive module can eliminate these problems.

Using the HUB-Archive module

• You can archive and securely archive your financial data such as    eLedger, eInvoice, trade registry newspaper, tax plate, etc., and share them with member banks whenever you want.

•    You can archive your financial data on a site with the highest level of privacy and security, and access it from a single point whenever you want.

•    Only authorized users can see the data transferred to banks in an end-to-end encrypted manner, and thanks to the integrations made into analysis systems, employees are prevented from accessing the actual data

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