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We are AGRA;We are an innovative company that drives digital transformation in the field of financial services and focuses on creating value with its R&D and engineering power. Accepted in global standards; We act with the vision of producing financial technologies with cost and efficiency advantages. 


As Agra Fintech, we continue to work with a dynamic, strong and multidisciplinary team to offer practical and accurate solutions with new methods that we have developed without approaching the problems in the financial sector with memorized information.

Data is our most important and valuable focus on this journey. Because we know that reading data correctly, making sense of it and using it effectively will bring us one step closer to our global goals. With our data-focused financial technology solutions, we enable companies in the banking and finance sector to benefit more effectively from customer data, leading them to take a few steps closer to their customers. 


Leadership in its sector, proving its power in the global arena, becoming a world brand in data and analytics… Just some of our goals in the near future. 


Our main strength is our teammates who are specialized in different fields who have the will to achieve these goals but look in the same direction.

"Gradual Growth"

The needs of our customers are always at the heart of our decisions regarding our products. "CreditBarometer", developed by AGRA with its innovative vision and engineering power and addressing the needs of the sector, has started to be used by many banks in a short time. Our other product, FinBind, which comes to life with our approach to producing rational and efficient solutions to problems, opens the door to a new era in financial data supply by connecting banks and integrator institutions.


"The thing that wears out the fastest in life is innovation." Paul Valery 

We take firm steps forward in the field of financial technologies and continue our development. We will continue to carry out works that add value in the field of data-based financial technology without breaking our focus. We do our job with great love and we work harder and grow for our customer to enjoy our products. The next page of our story is to carry the success we achieved in Turkey to the world!

Our Core Values

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