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eLedger, eInvoice, eWaybilland more...


We know that the fact that lies at the center of all these e-Transformation products is eControl.

Companies now create e-Ledgers every month and upload them to the GİB system. It is possible for all our documents to be audited by the legal authority at any time.

It is not possible to reset the audit risk, but it is possible to take action.


With our eAudit module, you can manage your risk more efficiently and

we will make it very easy for you to do this.

By uploading your eLedger to our management module;


  • You will be able to check whether the cumulative trial balance, balance sheet and income statement based on your eLedger are compatible with the data in your accounting software.

  • You will be prepared for a possible audit by legal authorities.

  • You will be able to control the compliance of your journal entries with the “General Communiqué on Accounting Practices and Tax Legislation” with more than 1000 rules. (Accounts with reverse balance, skipped invoice numbers, compliance with provisional tax return, discrepancies between registration and document date, etc.)

  • You will receive suggestions on how to fix errors.



Ensure more than regulatory compliance by analyzing your own data throughout your experience.



Precaution before IOPget the trail!

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