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A unique platform that will make you stand out with its results: FinBind  

FinBind, the artificial intelligence supported financial solutions platform of AGRA Fintech, is coming to life very soon.


Existence of your company in the market it is in, maintaining its share in the fierce competition or expanding its field goes through good financial management. FinBind helps you in these areasDesigned to be an MC.

Technological advances should empower you without dictating your path.

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See what you can do together!

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Smarter and Faster Decision Making Technology

One out of every 5 credits in Turkey is analyzed with this system. A new era in the commercial loan allocation process...

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A Unique Platform That Will Make You Stand Out With Its Results

Meet our artificial intelligence supported financial solutions system. One platform for all your financial needs...


Strong and Secure Software Infrastructure

Access to integrated software development tools in accordance with modern standards from a single point...

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