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Institutions that want to audit their customers, suppliers or dealers for a bank professional analysis.

Using  CreditBarometer.


CreditBarometer (CB), which banks use to analyze financial statements of customers applying for commercial loans

 can now be used by all companies.

Companies that want to financially analyze their customers, suppliers, dealers or other related party companies

big investments now with analysis as professional as banksthey will be able to do.


CreditBarometer, which fully automates financial statement analysis,

It completes in less than 1 minute with over 1000 scenarios. 

CreditBarometer, which can work on both e-ledger, trial balance and e-declaration,

It has been corrected by making the necessary transfer-removal transactions in the financial statements with its advanced infrastructure. creates the financial statement. 


Thus, it helps you to see the real situation of the analyzed company.



For a bank professional financial analysis:CB SaaS

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See what you can do together!

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Smarter and Faster Decision Making Technology

One out of every 5 credits in Turkey is analyzed with this system. A new era in the commercial loan allocation process...

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A Unique Platform That Will Make You Stand Out With Its Results

Meet our artificial intelligence supported financial solutions system. One platform for all your financial needs...


Strong and Secure Software Infrastructure

Access to integrated software development tools in accordance with modern standards from a single point...

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